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How to network on LinkedIn?

It's no secret that LinkedIn is the top professional social networking site with 500 million total LinkedIn users and 250 million monthly active users approximately.

Before you start networking on LinkedIn, you need to make sure your profile is filled out and fully optimized. Building connections starts with people seeing all you have to offer, so updating your profile plays the utmost importance. Your LinkedIn profile is like your professional brochure. Use an appropriate-looking profile image and up-to-date information. This will be your first impression for many. Be comprehensive about current skills and objectives. Think broadly about all your experience, including summer jobs, unpaid internships, volunteer works etc. Be yourself and try to represent who you are within a professional context.

Networking isn’t just about who you know; it’s about who knows you. Stay on your network’s radar by updating your LinkedIn status regularly – what you're reading, working on, and more. Sharing a great article you’ve read recently on the web is a good start but if you truly want to make valuable connections and represent yourself as a talented thought leader in your industry, you should be crafting your own articles on LinkedIn as well. LinkedIn even encourages you to publish articles by doing so you will not only be able to share your expertise with your connections but it can also result in more users finding you on the platform. You can even use hashtags when publishing your article to attract the type of people you want to engage with and grow your network.

LinkedIn makes it easy to find and follow companies. If you haven't already done so, make a list of the companies you'd like to work for and follow them on LinkedIn. This will help you stay in the know about company news and new positions as they become available. Getting involved with groups and interacting with others on LinkedIn too plays an important role. The more you interact and post as a professional, the more you'll be noticed and build recognition. Always send a personalized note when sending connection requests, a quick message introducing yourself or explaining why you wish to connect will help you establish a relationship.

So now as you know how you can how to network on LinkedIn keep networking as it is a great way to make connections in your industry, not only in your area but globally hoping for some great opportunities, building meaningful relationships with experts and recruiters online.

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